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Wired For Sound Brings Mobile Recording Studio To Southern African Artists

Wired For Sound is a mobile recording studio "working with community radio and musicians throughout Southern Africa." Though much is documentary, the project is also meant to help young artists and to ultimately lead to the development of recording studios in community radio stations. Wired For sound has an album out as well that's part of a larger multimedia project.

Wired For Sound is a really awesome sounding project that centers around a:

"mobile 4x4 recording studio, capable of exploring even the most isolated regions of the project’s 2013 destination, Mozambique. The mobile studio is configured to run off a solar panel and battery system, allowing the team unrestricted access to musicians who are not able to travel. Recording locations are then chosen according to acoustic quality, aesthetic appeal and cultural relevance."

Wired For Sound - Mozambique

The 2013 trip resulted in the "Wired For Sound - Mozambique" album:

Additional outcomes include "The John Issa Band being invited to Denmark on a two week, all expenses paid, musical and cultural exchange." Other organizations have expressed interest in similar exchanges.

Wired For Sound sponsors include Rockit Distribution, Marshall Music and AKG.