Press Clipping
Mobile Mozambique: Wired for Sound

When you think of music from Africa, Mozambique is not the first country that pops into your mind. Maybe because of an eternal civil war there (which as finally remitted) or just the widespread poverty (still there), but this disc should help start putting the coastal country on the radar.

This is a seventeen song sampler of various artists, and the variation shows influences from various parts of the continent. Classic lilting guitars are in abundance on tunes such as “Thikukulola” and the infectious “Marry Very Well.” Pop licks and chirpy vocals are provided on “Musica Do Canthinho” along with vocals by Alfredo who also plays a zither like pankwe. Some rockish blues are on “Takunha Dilani” and even rap comes into play on “Domestic Violence.” You also get some other worldly sounds when harp, voice and trumpet get together on “Ihepo Mama” or the trio of vocals, guitar and flute on “Ihepo Mama.” A nice Whitman Sampler of South East Africa, without the risk of malaria.